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This journal is a creative outlet of all the things Kali Brown loves, from fashion, diy's, art, museum galleries to even food.  I am not a professional blogger and the things I share are my sole opinion. Enjoy my creative voyage!

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Picasso Baby

Kali Brown

Picasso Sculpture Exhibit (photo by Kali Brown)

Picasso Sculpture Exhibit (photo by Kali Brown)

Last weekend before the major east coast blizzard I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), here in NYC. I went mainly to sign up for a museum membership but while I was there I had an opportunity to check out the Picasso Sculpture exhibition, which is one of the first of it's kind in the United States in half a century. Overall I thought the exhibit was ok. You could see where many of his influences were derived from.  The piece above was my favorite out of the collection, it's definitely African influenced. The exhibit ends February 7th so you have about two weeks to check it out.

While exploring the rest of the MoMA collection I stumbled across this one sculpture that really caught my eye. The piece (below) is called The Impossible III by artist Maria Martins. I found this sculpture very powerful and my interpretation of how life is sometimes. I love it!

The Impossible III, artist Maria Martins (photo by Kali Brown)

The Impossible III, artist Maria Martins (photo by Kali Brown)