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Classic | Creative | Custom

Kali Brown

[kah-lee broun]: A. Classic. Creative. Custom. Collection. 

Combining vintage design with modern flair, Kali Brown is a collection of chic handmade crafts, apparel and accessories.  

The Kali Brown collection consist of handpicked fabrics, leathers and textiles and embodies a unique collection of clutch handbags, travel luggage, accessories, apparel, home accents and more.  Incorporating nostalgic designs of various decades with present day designs, the Kali Brown collection gives its consumers a reminiscent feeling of something old, new and fashionable.  The designer chose two complimentary hues, brown and pink, to brand her collection, which has a relic aesthetic appeal and attracts women of all ages and professions.  Buyers of this collection can be confident in knowing that they are rocking a Kali Brown original, as the designer doesn't duplicate many of her fabric choices or designs. 

The Kali Brown collection combines designs of the past with the present and will soon be the homegrown, household brand of the future.



100% Handmade

All Kali Brown products are handmade.  

The Designer

Founder and designer Kali Abdullah, developed the Brooklyn-based line, as a platform for her creative passion for design, which was apparent as a child. In 2002 Kali graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in photography.  As a highly motivated individual, with over ten years of production experience in the photo and magazine industry she blends visionary concepts, with a strong background in technical construction to a classic but fashion forward sense of accessory and wardrobe design.  With previous experience on the visual side of fashion her career transition infuses creative thinking, organization, managerial skills and hand craftsmanship which includes handbag, footwear, belt, and hat techniques.  Honing in on her talents, she single handedly launched her collection online, fall 2009.  In 2012 Kali received her second degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Magnum Cum Laude in Accessories Design.

Creative Skills Include:

  • Sewing

  • Pattern Making

  • Hand Rendering

  • Vector Illustrations

  • Millinery

  • Shoe Design

  • Handbag Design

  • Line Development

  • Trend Research/Forecasting

  • Tech Pack Specifications

  • Presentation/Concept Boards

  • Experience in leather & furs

  • Photography

  • Prop & Set Building


It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.
— Coco Chanel